How secure is my data on

How secure is my data on is secure by default. Only the account owners have access to the models they upload to initially. Upon sharing, they can set a password to protect each model individually. The main user interface gives an overview of which models have been shared and allows to switch on and off very quickly. You have full control over your BIM models.

Additionally, authenticates users by Single-Sign On (SSO) backed by two of the world’s largest identity providers - Google and Microsoft. Your account credentials keep private and are fully managed by your organisation.

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    • Does use encrypted connection?

      Yes. All communications between your browser and’s servers are via the HTTPS (Secure HTTP) protocol. All file and data transfers to/from are encrypted using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This is the same security used by many large ...
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    • Can I download back my data uploaded to

      Only IFC files can be downloaded back. For the models uploaded from BIM software, they are stored in a proprietary database format that can only be retrieved by the online services.