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What is a BIM model?

BIM is short for Building Information Modelling. There is a number of similar definitions of BIM which you can find on the internet. On, a model is a proprietary data format that was designed to be consumed by our online BIM viewer and can be exported from BIM/CAD/3D authoring tools.

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    • Can I upload a huge BIM model?

      Probably not. Please look at the current limitations below. These will be removed for paid subscriptions in the future.
    • What happens after I upload a BIM model? will process your BIM model on our server and transform it to a lightweight BIM format that is blazingly fast and smooth over the internet. You’ll get a notification when it’s ready to view.
    • How come my model looks different on takes whatever graphics and visibility settings from the active model view rather than a default 3D view or any other model view. Please note that doesn’t display texture at the moment. For more details, please look at our ...
    • What are the tasks can do but traditional BIM software could not? is Cloud-based and accessible by any modern internet browser. No software installation or configuration is required. You can also share BIM design very easily without the need to send large native files around. Reviewing a BIM model on mobile ...
    • Does have a copy of my project file or BIM component file?

      No. We never store native BIM files, such as RVT, RFA, etc. converts your BIM model locally to an interchange format through Launcher installed on your machine. The interchange format is non-editable and for the sole purpose of ...