Will the prices include taxes?

Will the prices include taxes?

Except as otherwise noted, our prices are exclusive of applicable taxes and duties, including VAT and applicable sales tax.

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    • What will be bimU.io’s future pricing model?

      We aim to provide a simple pricing plan for different types of projects and make resource management easier for our customers. For bimU.io Viewer Pro, you will be charged on a per-model basis. For bimU.io Agile, you will be charged on a per-channel ...
    • Does bimU.io store a European user’s data in the EU?

      No. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) does not require EU data to reside in the European Union. We will continue to ensure compliance for EU personal data transfers outside of the EU.
    • Can I upload a huge BIM model?

      Probably not. Please look at the current limitations below. These will be removed for paid subscriptions in the future. https://docs.bimu.io/upload-a-bim-model/#current-limitations
    • What happens after I upload a BIM model?

      bimU.io will process your BIM model on our server and transform it to a lightweight BIM format that is blazingly fast and smooth over the internet. You’ll get a notification when it’s ready to view.
    • What does bimU.io do with my data?

      bimU.io takes data security very seriously and protecting customers’ data is our core priority. We will transform your data for visualisation purpose (e.g., to make it lightweight and readable by the bimU.io 3D viewer) and store it securely on our ...